donderdag 24 maart 2011

DAW: Steam

Now a developer is a developer, whether they develop games or a platform to distibute them.

Personally i love steam for it's easy use, both in buying as in installing games.
I recently upgraded my computer to Win7 and had to re-install all my games, except those i bought on Steam, i re-installed the Steam client and all my games worked without problems or losing settings/saves, no re-installing needed.

Removing and re-installing i also very easy, unlike some other DL services i don't have to look/search for installation files, it's all there in my client.

I also like pre-ordering on Steam, just buy and whenever the game comes out it's ready to play, as more and more games are ready for pre-loading before it comes out meaning only an unlock is needed in order to be able to play the game.

Even gaming on different machines is easy as you can install the Steam client on all machines and play any game you own on Steam.

Updates and patches to games are often automaticly downloaded and applied to your games, so never any worries about having to download the latest patch.

So yeah this is my first post for Developer Appreciation Week (DAW), i just figured to look a little bit further into gaming and instead of a game developer pick something else gaming related that i enjoy using.

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  1. True, True! Steam is awesome. They have one of the best download/communtity platforms out there. Great DAW post and thank you for participating I appreciate it.