zondag 6 maart 2011

LT. Commander Cynfull reporting in

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I recently picked up playing STO again and have to say it is still a lot of fun to play, but does get kinda repetitive after a while.

Every now and then there is stuff that sparkles my interrest again and since i have a lifetime sub it's easy to jump back into.
Blogposts are a sure way to get my attention and i particulary enjoy reading posts about feature episodes on blogs like MMO Gamer Chick, West Karana and Combat Archaeology, reading their posts make me all excited about playing again.
Often they will write posts that feature a lot of backstory from the Star Trek series, making the feature episode extra interresting.
However since i am not a big Star Trek fan, i like it but i have not watched all series, a lot of the lore/story passes me by, sure i might occasionally come across a name that sounds familiar, but more often than not it feels like just another quest in my log.

Just the other day i finaly managed to finish the "The Ultimate Klingon" questline and eventhough i don't know much about the Star Trek lore, this quest was pretty cool and it felt good completing it.

At the moment my character is only LT. Commander 5 and most of the missions are just the standard explore/kill missions that tend to get very boring after exploring system number x.
But the "The Ultimate Klingon" questline made me hopefull that not everything in the game is as boring and that there are definatly nice storylines to follow.

So the game is definatly nice to play but i can't help but feel that having watched all series/episodes would really help in appreciating the game more.

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  1. I've recently started playing again, too -- I'd love to fly with a wingman, as that definitely does cut down on the boring factor. Drop a line in-game, @Aurangzeb.