zaterdag 12 maart 2011

SWTOR: The more i see you..

..The more i want you.

It's definatly true for me when it comes to Star Wars The Old Republic.
I have been a bit selective about what i wanna know about the game, i do read the blogs, i do watch the videos, i do listen to podcasts and the more i read/watch/listen the more i wanna play this game.
I am trying to not get too hyped about SWTOR, afterall if you raise the bar too high there's going to be a lot of dissapointment

So far for me the positives are, it's Bioware, it's Star Wars, it's KOTOR, what more do you want ??
But eventhough i can't wait to play this game, i still have no clue as to what class i am gonna be playing... personally i love playing the hunter in WoW and in most mmo's i enjoy playing a pet class and i guess with companions in SWTOR all classes could be considered pet classes :)
I have to admit though, i have not been reading up on the different classes in SWTOR and don't think i'll be doing that in the near future.

But it sure feels nice to be excited about a new mmo coming out :)

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