donderdag 17 maart 2011

The Princess and the Klingon

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Who says you're never too old to learn, i have been playing STO for quite a while now and never realised there was an autofire function..
I found out last night because i accidentally rightclicked while firing off a torpedo.
This really makes things a lot more easy (and comfortable) while fighting in space, before my hand would actually start to hurt from pressing (spamming) the space bar for lasers and the numeric keys for torpedos, playing for more than a few hours would be very uncomfortable.

Not only is it more comfortable but i think it also makes sence, i mean you're the captain of the ship and have your crew to fire the weapons, it's not like you fly a fighter and have to do everything yourself (apperantly my ship has a crew of 500).
Needles to say i am very happy about finding this autofire function (i know i am a noob) :)

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I also finished a little mission called Saturday's Child, where you escort a princess and save a planet, which was really fun to do, although i did manage to "bug" the mission as i destroyed the asteroid before defeating the I.K.S. Kang (i missed the hail from the Kang) which left me with the message to destroy the asteroid which of course was no longer there since i allready destroyed it.
The only way to finish the mission was to leave the system and redo the last part of the mission, which was very annoying, really think the game should have detected i allready destroyed the asteroid instead of telling me to destroy something that is no longer there..

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