zondag 23 oktober 2011

For the memories!

tabula_rasa 2011-10-22 17-52-15-13

Last night i spend 3 hours just walking around on maps, currently there is nothing else working on this server (it's not even in alpha yet), and it's amazing i still remember were to go ater 3 years and all the memories coming back..
I would come across a spot and suddenly remember battles/fights that i had there or remember what happened the first time i got to or found a certain spot, fun moments or especially frustrating moments :)

I didn't even realise i had spent 3 hours just walking around, although it did feel kind of wierd walking around and not see any dropships dropping off enemy patrols, they always turned up anywhere you'd go :)
It also felt wierd to walk into bases that would always be attacked/defended by enemy forces and not see anyone there fighting for it (or any NPC's at all for that matter) and remember how much fun i had fighting for those bases.

Fun times!

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