dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

It's Tabula Rasa time, i mean Infinite Rasa!


Just found this today, but it looks like there is some effort in bringing back Tabula Rasa!!
It's called Infinite Rasa and it's is a community driven effort to put a public server up for anyone who wants to play the game.

You can find the site here: http://test.infiniterasa.com/

Right now i am downloading the game (apperantly you need a specific build of TR) and will hopefully be able to tell you what's going on..
According to the site it's really alpha stage and very buggy and a lot of stuff doesn't work (yet).

I am definatly excited, just the idea of maybe playing TR again :)

Anyway i am really hoping this effort will be succesfull, so that people who never played TR have a chance to see how great a game TR was.

Anyway if you really liked Tabula Rasa or always wanted to check it out this might be your change.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. If it was so great then why did it die? :D

  2. Suits deciding it didn't make enough money? , they spend a lot of money on promoting and making it (maybe too much?), it had it's share of dedicated players/community, (heck i used to run a community website and do a podcast) probably enough to keep it running on one or two servers and still make some money. But they (NC Soft) decided to shut it down after less than 15 months.

    Also i think it was "hyped to death", people expecting way too much from a game, more than they could deliver, plus the bad press/word of mouth they got after a bad open beta.

    To me personally it is still the best mmo i played to date, i would happily trade all my mmo's in for TR. Can't imagine right now doing a website/podcast for any of the mmo's i currently play..