vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Manage this!

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I just realised i have been ignoring my blog, a lot..
One of the main reasons is i have been gaming a lot, and not my usual games either.

Years ago one of my main "guilty pleasures" were manager games and i didn't care much what kind of management games, but the main ones i was playing back then were Football and Formula 1.
I can loose myself in these games for days/weeks.

At the moment i have been playing Football Manager 2011 like a madman and the funny thing is, i don't even like football (soccer), but the managing aspect makes up for that.
It's just a lot of fun trying to get a winning team together within the limitations you have. Negotiating with players or staff.
Putting together a team and than see how they do out on the field is really fun, especially if you start winning.

I started with these type of games in the late 90's when i played games like "Grand Prix Manager 2" a Formula 1 management game where you managed an F1 team, damn i don't even remember how much i played this but it must have been a lot, to this day i still think it's one of the best (F1) management games out there and i probably played all of these F1 management games back then.
Although my first experiences with these type of games was even longer ago, i remember going crazy on a Commodore 64 game called "Endzone" which was an American Football manager game published in 1990.

Somehow i always have periods when i find these games again and get the urge to play them.
Eventually i will probably get bored with this game and go back to my "regular" gaming but until than i am having lots of fun playing my "guilty pleasure" :)

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