maandag 31 oktober 2011

Yes, i play that too!

It's one of those games that you are not likely to admit playing when talking to friends about what you play, i mean telling them you played Battlefield 3 is ok (they play it too) and nowadays saying you play World of Warcraft is not recieved that badly, at least not as bad as a few years ago.
One of those i do no talk about (much) is the one i have been playing for the last couple of days, The Sims 3..
It's one of those "guilty pleasure" games that i enjoy playing for a while and than forget about for some time.
Just a few days ago i bought the pets expansion and have been having fun with that, so far i have only had a few pets that i picked up out and about (like a rat and a bird) and one cat.
Have to say i really like how they have done the cat, a lot of fun to watch.

However yesterday i felt a little bad, my character is a vampire so she does not age, the cat however did and so the result was that Death visited my house to pick up the cat and shortly after that both the rat and the bird died too.

"Death claiming my cat, Zoe"

I have also been trying to advance with the band i formed but for some reason everytime i go to perform a show, one of my band members quits playing and has to leave for whatever reason, before the show is suppose to be over resulting in a failure, so very annoying.

The Sims has been one of those games, that over the years i have always had on my PC to waste those hours away, to me it has always been a very addictive game.

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  1. Oh man, reading this made me wish I had gotten the Sims 3 Pets instead of Arkham City...which is a great game too, but I just think I could have gotten so much more out of Sims.