dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

It never felt so good to be back!

tabula_rasa 2011-10-18 19-53-41-07

So far it feels great to be able to log back in to Tabula Rasa.
Of course i tried recreating my old character, Cynheiddon Endelienta :)

At the moment it doesn't seem like you can do much (at least i couldn't).
When i logged in i ended up in Divide and all i could do was walk around, which itself is awesome to be able to do.
I only saw one enemy NPC, which i wasn't able to attack nor did it attack me. I had no ammo so couldn't shoot. I didn't find any gates to move to another planet or any other NPC's to interact with, like vendors to buy ammo from.

Really can't wait to see what these guys can do and to see what features will be implemented.

And here's a little video of my first steps back in Tabula Rasa :)

Ah, it feels good!!

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