donderdag 15 december 2011

The Galaxy Can Wait

swtor 2011-12-14 17-11-05-30

So far everything has gone really smooth, must say it's one of the smoothest launches i have experienced so far. Of course the "real" launch still has to come, but looking at how things went i am pretty confident there won't be many problems when the game fully launches.

So far i have been taking it easy, as i wanna enjoy the story en enviroment as i go along.
I allready played through the first 10 levels of the smuggler in the weekend beta so there is nothing new for me, but i am still enjoying it.
Levelling seems to be pretty fast, last night i only played about an hour and still got one more level on my character, so she is now level 5.

There will probably be plenty of rushing through content later when i will start levelling alts :)

Still i can't wait to finally get into the content i have not reached during beta, as it is kinda boring to go through content i played through just a little while ago, although that is of course completely my own fault for playing the class that i wanted to play at launch in the beta, i should have listened to my initial thoughts and not touch the smuggler during the beta than it would have all been new to me :)
But it's not that much of a problem, since i'll be at level 10 in no time, heading off to Coruscant and into new content.

swtor 2011-11-26 04-48-16-53

On a side note i really enjoy reading these "story notes" you get while loading into the game, as they kinda tell you what your character has been up to and give a little recap of what you're about to do :)

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