vrijdag 2 december 2011

Books, gotta get 'em all

For some reason Ever since i started playing Skyrim i developed an obsession with books.

From the start i wanted to collect them all, whenever i see books laying around i need to check whether i can take them or not.
And eventhough i am a member of The thieves guild i still don't like taking stuff from people without a good reason, well unless they are being jerks the moment i meet them, then i won't feel as bad taking their books :)

However there is one thing i rarely do and that's actually reading them, i think i only read a few books from start to end, usually i just flip a few pages and that's it.

So when i found this Blogpost i was somewhat excited.
Here you can download all of the Skyrim books in one Ebook, so you can read it on your iPhone, iPad or whatever device you use while on the go without having to play the game or waste your gaming time reading books :)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yeah, it is wonderful...I knew there were a ton of books in Skyrim, but when I opened the file I was still shocked to see how much text there was. Only half way through now :)

  2. The best part is, it's not just filler text, these books contain a lot of lore, background stories and info.
    I mean a lot of people probably see the books as scenery (or skill ups/loot) but it's a great way to tell the players about the lore behind the game(s) without forcing it down your throat with cutscenes or walls of quest text.