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Great, kid. Don't get cocky.

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Like many others i was also part of the beta test last weekend, along with probably everyone else, as i saw pretty much all of my Raptr friends playing SWTOR.

Eventhough i signed up for beta the day they opened signups i never got into the beta until last weekends test. I always had mixed feelings about it, on the one hand i really wanted to get into the beta (and help testing) but on the other hand i was kind of worried, that if i would get into the beta i might burn out on it, as i am pretty sure i would have been testing all the time.

So when the game launches, pretty much everything is new and fresh for me and all a new experience, although i could not resist rolling a smuggler in last weekends test, the smuggler has been the class that looked most interresting to me and i will definatly be rolling a smuggler on launch.

My first impressions of the game were mixed, initially it took me some time to get used to the (stylised, almost cartoon like) graphics, but once i got used to the graphics i really started enjoying myself.
The storyline for smuggler is definatly a cool story and i can't wait to check out the other classes.

Most of the quests i did were fun to do, although there are a couple of quests that will be very annoying on launch day, think of a few hundred people going for the same chests to loot an item while it takes some time before a chest respawns.
I was allready frustrated by this one quest in beta so i can only imagine what it will be like on launch: chest spawns, surrounded by 3-4 enemies, you go in fight the enemies so you can loot the chest (you can't loot while in combat), but while you are fighting someone else pops up and loots the chest, chest gone...

I only made it to level 12 on my character, so i don't know what the game will be like later on, but the story and questing up to that level was a lot of fun.

Apart from one graphical bug with an armor piece and the first server i created a character on going down within 10-15 mins i encountered no bugs or problems and gameplay was pretty smooth for me.
All in all i am pretty sure i will be having a lot of fun in SWTOR.

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