maandag 26 januari 2009

On my way to gold ?

WoW 2009-01-26 21-06-16-90

Just had a quick game of WoW, turned in a few quests reaching lvl 19.
Been mostly hunting and working on my skinning and leather working skills, of course hoping to turn these skills into earning some gold :)

I am currently running three addons in WoW, that are a lot of help, first one is Questhelper, combined with the second one TomTom, giving great info on the open quests and where to go.
And my third one, i allready wrote about is Azeroth Advisor, getting info on what to do and where to go next when you reach another level is a great help.
I can definatly recommend these three addons.

Also pretty happy about the fact that this is my highest character so far in WoW :)

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