donderdag 29 januari 2009

Search for the lost quest objectives..

sb_client 2009-01-29 21-05-18-87

Finally reached lvl 8 :)
Been doing a couple of quests, most of the time i feel like i am lost..
When questing it is not always clear on were to find those objectives, sometimes not even a hint as to what direction to go, so i find myself constantly wandering around, hoping to come across a quest objective....

Now i don't mind exploring, in fact i like exploring, but sometimes i just wanna get some quests done and at those times it's annoying if you don't know where to go :(
Maybe i am spoiled by WoW, with it's quest addons, but i would like to know where to look for stuff when i am out questing..

Another thing i noticed is that it is awfully quiet on my server, not many people around, despite the fact there are only 2 "international" servers. I spend a couple of hours ingame and i think i only saw 4-5 people, probably not a good sign.. :(
Also as far as i can tell, no game updates or patches since 23rd December last year..

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