maandag 12 januari 2009

Who says it should be challenging ?

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I have been mostly going through the lower (starting) zones with my Hunter.
Now i know there are no challenges in this, doing quests that are 10-15 levels below my own level, but i wasn't looking for a challenge.
I was just looking for fun, and fun is definatly what i am having.

I just tend to slightly roleplay my character, who is a hunter, fill up my quest journal and just go out explore the region and try to find the stuff/NPC's needed for the quests.
Of course the mobs are easy and the xp is low, but i am having fun and that's all that matters, some of the quests are interresting to see/read, of course there is always the fetch me x of y or kill x rats, but they don't take very long so i can move on.

I really enjoy that the mobs are so low in level they won't attack me, that way i can explore areas that would otherwise be almost impossible because of mobs swarming the place and constantly attacking.

There are probably lots of people disagreing with me, who actually want a challenge, well if i want a challenge i'll try real life. I am not in it for a challenge, i am in to "escape" play a game and have some fun. And if i ever felt like a challenge i will go into the higher level zones or try doing a group quest solo or maybe do some PvP.

So far i have reached level 20 with my main, not going fast but at least i am having fun :)

So here's to outleveling content :)

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