zaterdag 10 januari 2009

Dude, where's my ring!

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Finally been getting back into LOTRO, changing from Bree-Land to The Shire, definatly changed my gaming experience.
I was getting very frustrated with Bree-Land and The Shire turned out to be very refreshing and fun.

So far i have reached level 19 on my main Hunter, Cynheiddon.

I recently decided i "had" to get back into LOTRO, because i figured having a lifetime sub and not actually playing it was a waste.
So my intentions are to keep playing LOTRO, i even bought the expension Mines of Moria eventhough my highest lvl char is only 19 and from what i understand minimum lvl for Mine of Moria is lvl 50.
But i figured i will get there eventually if i keep playing.

The only things that annoy me is the fact that a lot of the cool quests turn into group quests and since i work shifts i am on at different (wierd) times and it is often very hard to find a group, which means i can't do the quests unless i level up to a level where i can beat them solo.

The other thing that sometimes annoy me is the directions you get for some quests, sometimes it takes very long to find a mob, try finding a single mob or item that is suppose to be north-east of a city.... i mean that could be anywhere on the map.
I would definatly love a quest helper that at leasts points you in the right direction, i love exploring but sometimes it gets very frustrating (and of course i turn to the web for an answer).

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