vrijdag 16 januari 2009

Adding Collections

SwgClient_r 2009-01-15 02-50-01-70

Finally went back to check out SWG again, mostly still annoyed with all those epic mobs and quests that require a group to do.
But i did have some fun going out looking for stuff for my collections and in the process found out quite a bit of new collections.

I also found a few "quests" (read kill stuff) that had no epic mobs in them so i was able to solo them and it gave me a lot of points with the Hutt faction :)
Also found a nice place close to my house for grinding my pet, who is at the moment level 31, so i still have quite a bit of grinding ahead.
The downside to having a full beast master template next to my smuggler profession is that i am missing a lot of the smuggler expertise and really depend on my pet, but of course a lvl 31 pet doesn't do much against a lvl 90 mob and even my lvl 90 smuggler has a lot of difficulties in taking them down, just seems like i am doing hardly any damage while taking a lot.. :(

For this new year i want to try and play more SOE games as i am paying for Station Access and i figure need to spent at least some time with 3 games to make station access worth it or i should cancel it, for the last months i have not played any SOE games at all despite having an active Station Access account.

And there is plenty to play in my account: Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, Matrix Online and Vanguard and i could also get Pirates of the Burning Sea, i did a lot of beta testing for this game but never actually started playing it when it launched.

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