donderdag 3 september 2009

Everquest 2: changing a class

EverQuest2 2009-09-03 12-46-56-01

I have been having a lot of fun in Everquest 2 lately and it wasn't with my main, Endellion.
The main problem i think i was having with playing my main was that i betrayed Freeport and kinda had to "re-learn" all skills at a higher level, i was so used to playing a necromancer and had learned using her skills from level 1, when i betrayed i was all of a sudden a conjurer with all new skills and although they are probably very much alike , i still had troubles getting into playing a conjurer.

I started playing a ranger (Cynfull) from the start, who is now lvl 18 and i am having a blast. I really think it helps a lot to learn playing your character from the start and understand all skills as i get them along the way, instead of getting skills at a higher level like i did when i betrayed with my main.

Of course this kind of talk isn't new, ever since people were able to buy max level characters in some mmo's, people have claimed you couldn't play a character well unless you levelled him/her up yourself.
To be honest i never really thought much about it, but right now in Everquest 2 i definatly feel that way and i didn't even get a max level character, i basicly just changed classes with my main and i still have problems getting into it and finding the right skills to use at the right time and as a result get my ass kicked a lot..
I have no doubt that if i really take some time for it i will be able to learn, but right now i am having a blast with my ranger and i will probably keep playing her and rather get the skills as i level up :)

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