zaterdag 12 september 2009

Riding towards the apocalypse

Fallen Earth

I am slowly progressing in Fallen Earth, but having lots of fun.

Few downsides, often combat lags like crazy, as in enemies rubberbanding and hits not registering, often resulting in death, which is obviously not fun.
But i think this pre-order early access is still somewhat of a beta, since the game has not officially launched yet, although many people seem to forget that.

looking at what the Fallen Earth Team has done so far i am pretty impressed and think many "bigger" mmo companies can look at Fallen Earth as an example.
Personally i have full convidence in Fallen Earth!

On another note, as you can see in this screenshot i have the Wasteland Runner horse, i know in my previous post i showed my ATV, so yes i have both now.
I really like the horse as it looks pretty cool and the main reason for me getting it is, i used up all the gas in my ATV and it is damn expensive to get a full tank of gas, right now i can't affort it.
I know i can easily get a horse in game, but i think this horse looked way cooler than the ingame horse you can get, so i got a second copy of the game just to get the Wasteland Runner next to my Fallen Earth ATV :)

See you out in the wastelands!

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