zaterdag 19 september 2009

Riddle me this Batman

Batman Arkham Asylum 2009-09-19 05-48-34-01

So i got a little sidetracked from Fallen Earth :)
I bought Batman: Arham Asylum through D2D cause i heard so much about it, i wanted to wait for the PC version, and guess what it is a lot of fun :)

So far i am only 3% into the game (according to the gamestats) and it's really fun and so far i'd have to say one of the better ports, no issues so far with the camera, controls or anything.

Batman has always been kind of my favorite comics character and this game definatly feels "right". Although it has been quite some years since i read any Batman comics, think the last ones were the Dark Knight series and the Killing Joke, who were awesome.

EDIT: of course i spoke too soon, once again Games For Windows Live is screwing up... it want's to update the game and disconnects me from GfWL if i don't update, updating gets stuck close to finishing and just sits there...

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