donderdag 17 september 2009

Good old Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth 2009-07-05 11-45-25-76

Not a whole lot of news to post about other than playing lots of Fallen Earth.
Reached level 8 last night, so i am slowly progressing.

I am really getting into Fallen Earth, really enjoy the look and feel of the game, the "sandbox" feeling i get from it, almost giving me the feelings i had way back in the old Star Wars Galaxies.

Haven't had this much fun since Tabula Rasa and it gives me a good feeling to hear the devs aren't aiming to become the next huge mmo on the market, more that they are aiming to become a "niche" game, in which i think they completely succeed. Unlike Tabula Rasa, who obviously aimed for higher numbers and "the next big thing" while they were very clearly a niche game.

It's been a long time since i had that excitement feeling about going home to play that game or actually wanting to go home to get ingame..
Also i haven't been in a guild for a long time, SWG was the last game i was actually in a guild, but i am all set up to join the guild that is being formed by Shawn from the (awesome) "Through the Aftermath" podcast, which should be formed in the very near future.

So you'll probably be hearing from Fallen Earth on this blog for quite some time :)

See you out in the wastelands!

BTW: If you're a Fallen Earth fan, don't forget to join up at Fallen Earth Wanderers :)

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