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Into the Gateway to Khitai

AgeOfConan 2010-05-16 04-29-59-86

Tianyi finally made it to the Gateway to Khitai, after reaching lvl 20 i started the "end battle" at Tortage and went on my way.
I did decide to speed up the leveling by using some xp potions, as i allready went to Tortage several times and i didn't really feel like doing it all again, eventhough some of the storylines are different depending on the class you play, so as soon as i could i started the quest that lets you leave Tortage and go to your homecountry.

I was actually surprised to see a ton of quests to start there, as i didn't see any quests when i went there with my (instant) lvl 50 character (named Hsiumei), so no wonder i felt lost with her as there were no quests to lead me on, all i could do was continue on the destiny quest.

When i got there with Tianyi and got all those quests the whole thing finally started making sense, as the basic story is that the caravan you're travelling with stops because they see another caravan that has been attacked and you're basicly going out there to help them.

Although there is a lot of lag at the Gateway to Khitai, it sure is refreshing to see some new areas/surroundings.
I also decided to go with another class when i created Tianyi, so far i have mostly played my main, who is a barbarian, which i think is a really fun class, but with Tianyi i decided to try out a guardian, and i have to say so far that's a lot of fun, i definatly prefer to use a polearm, but i think i might give some other weapons a try.

So far i really like the melee classes a lot more than the magic classes, personally i really feel the melee classes are more "Conan", but that's just personal i guess.

Another thing i am still hoping for in AoC is an appearance tab/appearance armor, so that you can look the way you want to look and still use the "good stats" armor, and at least look a bit (more) different than everyone else, right now you wander around in game and you constantly see people running around in the exact same armor as you are wearing, sometimes it feels like you're in the army where everyone wears the same uniform.
And no, i don't think PvP is an argument against appearance armor as i am on a PvE server.

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  1. Just came across your blog, it's great to see another blog on Age of Conan!
    Nice posts!

  2. - Yeah, I had some bad lag in GtK at first, but I think it was more the result of a memory leak than anything else. That said, I keep getting really terrible lag spikes.

    - Man, I really do wish I had more armor choices! I look like a rice patty farmer!

    - If you're on Wiccana, look me up! I'm a HoX by the name of Tanaji.

  3. Could be a memory leak, i did see my radar (map) turn white at times, which used to be a sign of the game crashing in the early days, but so far i have not had any crashes because of it.

    Yeah, armor is one of my major dislikes in AOC :)
    I think an appearance armor slot would be awesome in AOC, there really is some cool armor out there, but if you want good stats you're basicly stuck with the "standard" armor that everyone wears.

    I am on Crom (EU).