zaterdag 15 mei 2010

Meet Tianyi, Khitan Guardian

Say hi to Tianyi, a Khitan Guardian, my latest character in AoC. :)
She is not the first Khitan character i created, i made a Demonologist first and decided to use the (one time only) instant level 50 option and ended up in Khitai.

It just didn't feel right playing her, being thrown into a class i really haven't played much at lvl 50 just didn't do it for me, so i decided to roll a new character and start at Tortage as lvl 1.

So far i am having a blast, although i can't wait to leave Tortage (allready reached lvl 17) and head out to Khitai, from what i have seen so far it looks pretty good.
The only bad thing is, there's way to many people in Khitai at the moment so the lag is awefull :(

Anyway a few more levels and i am off to Khitai :)

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