zondag 9 mei 2010

Gaming in 3840x1024 resolution on 3 monitors

For some time now i have been playing with a screen resolution of 3840x1024 and i have to say i am never going back, i really feel like i am missing out when playing on a smaller resolution :)


Sometimes i do get a game that doesn't support a resolution like this or the game simply won't work properly because of menu screens extending beyond the resolution so i can't click on the "ok" button (like Mass Effect does). But i am glad to see that most games nowadays do support those resolution. I am aware that i am probably one of very few gamers that play with resolutions this big so i really think it is awesome when a game supports it.

So how do i manage to get a big resolution like this across 3 screens?
Well pretty easy, i am using the Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition.

Basicly this little device sits between your monitor(s) and your PC and it makes Windows think that this is just one monitor (Windows only sees one monitor).
There is some software coming with this device, so that you can make a game compatible with resolutions like this but most games nowadays will just give the option to set it to a 3840x1024 resolution.

What else am i using to power this rig, well i have an Nvidia GTX295 in there with an Intel core 2 quad processor and 4 gigs of memory, I also used to have an Ageia Physx card in there but with that GTX295 i felt it was kind of overkill.

Just to be able to use the max amount of ram and make use of Directx 10 i recently upgraded from WinXP to Win7 and i have to say i am really enjoying Win7.

Of course i also added some stuff to make the rig look cool :)

For a full rundown of all components (if you are interrested in that) you can go here and see a full list of all my gaming gear.

Needless to say it is a lot of fun gaming with a resolution like this, the view is somtimes breathtaking, not to mention the fact that i can have many (inventory) windows open without them obscuring my view, this of course is especially helpfull in MMO's.

For the first 15 to 30 minutes i really had to get used to this, because all of a sudden you see a lot of movement in front of you, you basicly look at the center screen and the two other screens kind of act like the corners of your eyes, and you basicly get what Matrox calls surround gaming, really makes it feel like real life where you can see in the corner of your eyes, but it also takes a little time to get used to as sometimes it feels like everything is moving in front of your eyes, so if you get motion sickness this might not be the setup for you.

Right now i am limited to a 3840x1024 resolution because i am using three 19inch (1280x1024) monitors, but i am allready looking at possibilities to get even bigger resolutions/monitors :)

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