dinsdag 11 mei 2010

WTF Funcom?

Today i got a very surprising email from Funcom, they decided to freeze (cancel) my account because i had not paid the upgrade for the collectors edition of Rise of the Godslayer.
Now i pay this by using their "Pay by Cash" service and it didn't go through yet, nor did i get a message about this.

The main thing that pisses me off here is the fact that i have a paid account, paid for a full year that still runs to Dec 2010, so at least 6 more months.
I also allready paid for the "normal" Rise of the Godslayer expansion, i just added the collectors edition.
I would have understand it if they would have simply disabled the expansion for my account but instead they decided to simply freeze my entire account, which i f'ing paid for in advance..

Now i know it can be easily fixed, and i did by sending payment for the expansion, but i still believe they have no right to shut down my entire account when it is paid for in advance.
Really not a nice move, especially since i got no previous warnings about the payment not going through.
I would have been ok with just the expansion being turned off, afterall that was the only thing not fully paid yet.

Not a nice move.. not nice at all...

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