maandag 27 september 2010

Really, i have not been drinking.


I have been playing a ton of Warcraft lately and really enjoying it.
Brewfest has been a lot of (drunken) fun and i finally reached my goal (getting 200 tokens) and joined the Brew of the month club and had a drunken stupor :)
Although i have to say that by now i am getting a little tired of those daily quests, but i am still 3 Brewfest achievements short.

Also been doing a lot of dungeons through the dungeon finder, which is a great help to find groups to do them with, granted you don't always get a great group, but when you do, it's a lot of fun.

But i have been leveling so fast now that there are not many dungeons left i can do through the dungeon finder, when i reached lvl 76 i could no longer do any of the older dungeons, only the Wrath dungeons are now available to me, which sucks because i had just started doing dungeons on heroic and buying keys for them.

At the moment i am lvl 77, so i am hoping those dungeons open up again to me at lvl 80 (heroic or not) so that i can do them, as i am still missing a lot of the lower level dungeons and i would definatly like to experience them all.

I have also joined a guild (called: Just For the Tabard) which at the moment is a leveling guild, but who knows i might be able to get into some of the old world dungeons that way, definatly a fun guild (with a great name).


I have also been "achievement hunting", hence why i want to do all dungeons at least once, and am now at 182 achievements, but at the moment my main push is for gold :)
I need to get a total of 6000 gold so that i can buy my artisan riding skill and get cold weather flying, so that i can fly at Northrend, ever since i got my flying skill at Outland i miss flying whenever i get to Northrend (or the old world), but progress on that i quite slow as i am also working on getting my enchanting profession up to max, which has now become a pretty expensive profession to level, i easily loose 300 gold in a day trying to level, i am currently at 367 out of 460, so also a long way to go.

Other professions i am still leveling are Cooking (417/450) and First Aid (427/450), but those are a lot easier to level as i get most of the stuff i need for that from questing or dungeon loot.


On another note i still have those memory/crashing issues and still have to turn the graphics options down quite a bit (Ground clutter, shadow and viewing distance) which is a major bummer as, some of the areas in Northrend and Outland look awesome, but if i am constantly crashing it's no fun either, so..
Although turning viewing distance down ads some "fog" to the envirement, that sometimes definatly gives a cool look to the scenery, other times though, like in cities it's pretty ugly, as in you actually see stuff "being drawn" in the distance as you move (like mountains).

I am still trying to narrow down what's actually causing this, at this point i am close to saying it's the viewing distance that's causing it, as i tried turning up the viewing distance to max at Northrend yesterday and withing 10-20 minutes i crashed, although it might still be a combination of other things, like addons that, in combination with viewing distance is causing the game to use to much memory.
But than again i still think it's odd, there are people out there that run way more addons than i do and have graphics set to max and they are not having any issues..

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