maandag 13 september 2010

WoW: Explore new worlds and CTD


I've been playing a lot of WoW lately and having lots of fun.
Basicly trying to get through the old world content before Cataclysm comes out.
There is still plenty to do as i am only lvl 71 now.

Another thing i am really enjoying is the random dungeon finder and have been running many dungeons and after reaching lvl 70 finally some of the Wrath of the Litch King dungeons opened up (as the screenshot above shows), so new stuff to do :)

However since i have been leaving the old world more and more and went into Outland and Northrend i have also seen a major increase in CTD's.
I have been getting a lot of crashes that seem to have something to do with WoW using to much memory. Apperantly the gameclient is set to a 2 gig max memory use and when it goes over that 2 gig it crashes. When i first heard/read about the 2 gig max i was kinda annoyed, since my comp runs with 4 gigs of memory so there should be plenty of memory there, but when it is actually the gameclient that's setting the limit to 2 gigs, well that explains quite a bit..

It was really getting annoying i would almost guaranteed get a crash when using flightpaths and by moving a round busy areas. Funny thing is going back to the old world all problems seem to dissapear and there would be no crashes (no crashes in dungeons either).

One of the first things i started to do was go through my addons and see if there were addons that i could do without and started disabling them, most of them had no effect on the crashing, as a final effort i turned down a lot of the graphic settings like the "ground clutter" settings, shadows and viewing distance and i also turned off a mod called "Handy Notes".
So far it seems the game is running quite smooth again and i have yet to see a crash (of course now i am jinxing it).

By the looks of it i think it was both the graphics and some addons combined that used to much memory, to me the graphics look like they might use some more memory in Outland and Northrend than they do in the old world (Outland and especially Northrend are definatly cool zones).
So i am hoping this fixes my crashing problems and i can finally enjoy playing again without the fear of a CTD.

Still think it's kinda wierd that the crashing only occurs in Outland and Northrend and not in the old worlds.

Hopefully Blizzard will come up with a fix for these problems, searching google with the error messages, showed that a lot of people are having the same issues as i am having, so there definatly is a problem somewhere.

But i think another positive thing is that i removed some addons that were there but that i didn't really use so my addons folder looks a bit cleaner now :)

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