dinsdag 28 september 2010

WoW mobile armory app broken

The latest update to The WoW mobile armory app brought 3D view for character portrait, which is nice, but it also broke one of the most critical parts (IMO) of the app, and that was the automatic import of an authenticator code if you are also using the Battle.net authenticator app.

WoW Armory app Blizzard fail

Normallu when you claim gold from your mailbox, post bids or post auctions it asks for your password and then it would automaticly detect that you have the authenticator app and offer to import a code, you'd click yes and that was it, your done.

However the way it is at the moment whenever you're doing stuff in the armory app that requires you to log in, you have to close the app, open the authenticator get a code, write it down (you can copy the code to your clipboard in the authenticator app, but the armory app doesn't have paste), then open up the armory app and try to get it all to work and filled in before the code expires, as you can imagine, that's a major pain in the ..

Blizzard is aware of this issue and has said it will be fixed in the next armory app update. Hopefully that will be very soon, as the last update took almost 4 months.

I have praised this app and definatly thought it was worth the extra costs to use it, but if they don't fix this soon i will be cancelling my sub for the auction house app.

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