woensdag 15 september 2010

What's in a name

My first character on WoW was actually named Hauntshade, however i never really played Hauntshade much, she was still stuck as a lvl 18 Night Elf Hunter.
Somehow i never really enjoyed playing the Alliance side.
When i started playinga Blood Elf Hunter on the Horde side i never went back and Cynheiddon became my main character.

However i always wished my characters name to be Hauntshade but since i allready had a character going by that name there wasn't much i could do.
Sure i could change the Night Elf's name to something else and than take that name for my Blood Elf, however as soon as you change a name the old name becomes unavailable for 90 days.

So i decided to bite the bullet and delete my Night Elf, afterall 18 lvl's isn't that much to do again and i started the namechange process for my Blood Elf.

I have to say i never saw something changed so fast, all in all i think it took Blizzard less than 10 minutes to process the namechange.
I actually thought it was gonna take some time before the change was done and i would be able to log in (during the process you can't log in) but after 10 minutes i recieved an email that confirmed the namechange as being completed and i was able to log in as Hauntshade.

Talk about being fast, kudos to Blizzard!

So goodbye Cynheiddon, hello Hauntshade :)

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