vrijdag 3 september 2010

The WoW Armory Mobile Auction House App

My initial reaction to the Armory Mobile Auction House was: why the hell would i pay extra for a feature that i can use in game.
But since i allready use the armory app, i decided to give it a go for a month and actually thought i would cancel it after that first month.

WoW Mobile Auction House 1   WoW Mobile Auction House 1

However i found this app to be surprisingly fun/easy to use.
My first thought was that i would really miss my Auctioneer add on, which helps in checking out prices to figure out what price would bring the most profit, but the app has a price check build in so with a little ectra effort it's posible to look for the best price.

Now one of the things i like most about it is the fact that you can log in from anywhere and do your auction house stuff, whenever you've got 5 or 10 minutes.

You have instant access to your bank, mail and inventory and can list items from all three, so relisting expired auctions is very easy, in game i would have to find an auction house first than go to the bank pull out the stuff i want to sell and go to the mailbox to retrieve any expired items and than go to the auction house to start listing.
With this app it doesn't matter where your character is in game (or where you are for that matter), as long as you've got the items in your inventory, bank or mail you can list it.
You can also claim your recieved auction house items or gold in the mail through this app, so i don't even have to go to a mailbox to retrieve it.

Now i do still miss the auctioneer addon but still think this Mobile Auction House app is awesome in it's use, the way Blizzard implemented the whole thing is simply amazing.
I now use this app to list my stuff, buy stuff and recieve my stuff and when i get home i can just jump in game and don't have to waste any time doing my auction house stuff.

So in short, is it worth the 3 dollars a month?
Considering the amount of time i save by using this app, time i can now use for questing/adventuring, i think it is :)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool, good to see another person pleasantly surprised by the AH app. I was like you, just decided to throw in $3 to try it out for a month, and now I love it. For one, I hate doing auctions while in game, I see it as a chore that takes away from time which I feel could be better spent playing. And two, like you said, I love the fact I can log out nowhere near an AH and be able to post auctions and retrieve my gold.

  2. do you seriously not see the obvious scam that they are pulling on you and how you are wasting your money??

    blizzard created and designed the in-game AH/bank/backpack/mailbox, it would've cost them LESS money, man-power and scripting time if they neglect all the NPCs and in-game structures and simply designed all those things from the beginning as just a few icons in the option screen that you can pull down and access anytime. Instead they made it so you have to perform the manual labor of running your characters down to the town and make repeated trips back and forth. even now, all they need to do is remove those thing in-game and make a pop-up window with few simple clickable icons that covers all the same functions. instead they kept it the way it was, knowing how much of a chore it is, and CHARGES YOU a monthly for a very simple solution to a very simple problem that they created in the first place which nobody asked for and is totally unnecessary. and you guys are actually loving this non-sense BS

  3. I wouldn't say it is totally unnecessary, or say it's a scam. The reason i like this app is that it allows me to log in and do auction house stuff without having to be ingame or even at home i can do it from anywhere.
    When i am ingame i still do the normal auction house runs.

    I just see it as an extra service for me to be able to do this stuff without having to be at my computer.
    I agree when you say it would be awesome if they'd let you do this stuff ingame without having to visit the auction house but that's not very likely to happen.