woensdag 1 december 2010

The uber buff

While working on the "Fiona's Caravan" quest in WoW, i found one of the most awesome buffs i have ever seen.
You can get it from Fiona's Caravan (obviously) and it's called "Pamela's Doll".

The desciption for it says "is somebody following you?" and what it basicly does is, have Pamela show up every now and then, she's just following you around for a while and then dissapears again only to show up a while later, i don't know if it actually does anything else, but i just thought this was awesome.


Hidden gems like this make me really like WoW more and more!

1 opmerking:

  1. Wow, that is...kinda creepy!

    I enjoy finding little things here and there as I play too. For example, I jumped into the Maw of the Void in Darkshore yesterday, and...well, if you haven't you should give it a whirl (pun totally intended ;) )