maandag 13 december 2010

Do i have a deal for you.

I have really been enjoying Cataclysm so far, i especially like the new Goblin race, so much in fact that i race changed my main from Blood Elf to Goblin, so behold of the new and improved Hauntshade :)
My "new" main with her new pet an awesome looking crab.


The change took just seconds, after clicking finish transaction, i almost instantly recieved an email saying i could log into the game and continue the race change. I kinda expected it to take a few hours, so once again an awesome service by Blizzard.
The only downside was that my questlog got cleared of all quests, although it is also nice to start fresh, i think i had an almost full questlog with quests allover the world, so cleaning this up is not all that bad :)

The new content has been a lot of fun and i would have to say that Blizzard has once again done it, especially when it comes to starter areas, the Goblin and Worgen startingzones are simply stunning and a lot of fun, i definatly had a lot more fun levelling through those than levelling my main through the new content, at least there are no flying mounts (and annoying people) to block the questgivers, i just can't believe how many annoying people are there, it's like they're doing it on purpose. You would think they would find it annoying enough for themself to be blocked, but since hardly anyone gets of their mounts (i think i have seen 2 people today who got off their mount to turn in a quest), they probably enjoy doing it.

I guess it's a "good" thing to hear that other realms have the same issues or i would be very tempted to do a server move, just to get away from that annoying behavior.
But really, apart from other players the new expansion is a lot of fun.

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  1. Nope, that behavior is everywhere, on my server too. On the bright side, I don't think people there are doing it on purpose, they're just unobservant. I had to yell at my husband the other day because he did that too me while reading the quest dialogue, and he was completely clueless that his drake was covering the quest giver :P