woensdag 8 december 2010

Leveling to 85 ?.... nah, not right now.

So after experiencing the leveling and going through the starting zones of the 2 new races i decided it was time to try level my main to level 85.
Well it didn't take long to start pulling my hair out, grinding my teeth and slamming my fist on the desk.
It's just unbelievable how many jerks are there to be found....

If it wasn't difficult enough to try get kills you need for a quest when there's a lot of people there, it is even more difficult trying to turn in your quest, simply because of a lot of assholes that are to lazy to get off their mounts and block (swarm) the questgiver so it becomes almost impossible to target the questgiver to turn in your quest.

Yes, there is a questgiver in there... somewhere.

You'd think after 5 minutes people would get it and get off their mounts to not obstruct other players from turning in/getting their quests and in turn make it easier on themself...

Personally i wish Blizzard would implement the same thing they do for the flightpaths, as soon as you click them you are dismounted. Although that would probably get a shitstorm of protest from those that are to lazy to click a button for mount/dismount.
I mean there are so many easy ways to mount/dismount, personally i have it set up so my scrollwheel click button is mount/dismount..

So for me, right now i am done with the leveling, i am going back to the old content or go level my Worgen and Goblin, at least there aren't as many people there and those that are there are a lot nicer.

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