maandag 20 december 2010

From the sea to the mountains

Soaring high

After going through both Vashj'ir and Hyjal i still think Vashj'ir is the coolest zone. The quests and stories had a big fun factor and i really enjoyed the movement or 3d aspect of the world. And as a bonus no annoying dragons blocking questgivers.
I did have two major problems with the phasing here, the first one occured in the questline of the battlemaiden, i had to talk to three NPC's and only two spawned, no amount of rezoning, dropping the quest and retaking it or logging out helped, i gave up and logged out, three hours later i logged back in and luckily he was there, so i could finally continue the quest.

Another (very annoying) phasing issue i got was once i had to board the Vern, the Vern would dock properly and i could see it, but the moment i tried boarding the ship it completely dissapeared, if i'd try to still board it i would end up in the water, the ship was simply gone. I tried all the same thing logging out and back in, dropping the quest and retaking it, but nothing would fix it., after trying for an hour or so i though of another way, i tried to board the Alliance version of the Vern, i flew over there, luckily got no aggro and managed to board the Alliance Vern without a problem and was able to complete the story (although i did get aggro and killed once i spawned inside the Alliance cave).
Although i was happy to complete it, it still doesn't feel right with me being a Horde player to have boarded the Alliance ship to finish the story this way..

But after finishing Vashj'ir i was still on 138/150 quests, but eventually i managed to find a little quest chain that i had missed the first time around, i really don't remember if this were 12 quests (don't think it was) but after doing a few quests for this questgiver i got the achievement for it.

Hyjal was a whole different story, i kinda compare the two with the Goblin and Worgen starterzones, the first being all fun and jokes (well mostly) and the second being more serious and darker.
Well Hyjal was definatly a lot more serious, the storyline was awesome, but the first downside, people were able to use flying mounts and even now people still deem it neccessary to block questgivers, and i found on my server that especially Alliance players were very good at that...
But the story itself was definatly full of lore and i enjoyed doing it, but to me i still liked Vashj'ir a lot more, i guess i am more into the fun factor :)
I did not encounter any problems in Hyjal with the phasing, all went very smooth, the only bug i currently have is with the trampoline, for an achievement to have to bounce 20 times, but no matter what i try the counter stops at 1. I did some searching and it appears that many people have the same issue, the trampoline works fine if you do it before completing the end quest, but once you are done with the end quest the trampoline bugs.
So if you're going for that achievement, make sure you do it while there for the bearcub quest (fun quest btw) or at least before finishing that last quest or it will bug out.
I really enjoyed that last fight.

Hyjal definatly had some fun quests, like the jousting where you get a new pet, but overall i have to say that Blizzard did an awesome job on Vashj'ir, i remember the Oculus, which you could say had also a 3d aspect to it, but i really hated that, this underwater enviroment was really a pleasure to go through and i am almost sad there isn't more stuff like this.
Don't get me wrong i am still enjoying every part of the Cataclysm, Blizzard has really set the standard when it comes to gameplay and fun, especially considering they are doing this on a very old game engine, it is awesome to see that and old game doesn't mean a dead game and that you can't be innovative. I think this really is a great example to some of the developers out there, they should really be taking notes, *cough SWG, *cough, ahum.

Anyway, if you haven't done Vashj'ir yet, go, go what are you waiting for :)

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