donderdag 23 december 2010

Well, i was never in a hurry.


Last night i decided i had to try and push for lvl 85 on my main, who was lvl 84, i was about half way through to 85 anyway. I had managed to get about half a level just by doing a ton of archaeology.
So i went out to Deepholm (again) and just continued questing and it took me about 3 hours of playing when i finally dinged.
For Deepholm i am currently at 102 out of 125 quests, so "only" 13 quests to go before unlocking the achievement :)

I have to say i am not as impressed yet with Deepholm as i was with Vashj'ir or Hyjal, there's still some pretty funny quests to be found (I loved "Pebbles", too bad i didn't get to keep him), but overall i am not liking it as much. But then again i haven't reached the end of the storyline there, so who knows..

After that it's probably off to Uldum, which i allready heard a lot about, most people say it's a lot of fun, so i can't wait. I could have allready gone there, as i have the quests leading me there, but i really wanted to finish Deepholm first.

And there is a certain ghostly crawling crab that i definatly wanna tame, back in Vashj'ir :)

Not sure if i am that happy about reaching the "end level" allready, on purpose, i never rushed for lvl 85 as i never felt it would take that long anyway. For now there is still plenty to do, i haven't even touched any of the new dungeons yet and then there is all of the revamped stuff in all of the old zones, so i am not that worried about running out of things to do.

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