vrijdag 10 december 2010

Hauntshade's Fishing Adventures

On my travels through the old Azaroth i passed Stormwind and suddenly remembered i did not have the achievement for fishing in Orgrimmar and Stormwind both and with flying now added to the old world i figured it would be a lot easier to get into Stormwind (my main is Horde), i wouldn't have to fight my way into Stormwind through the gate, so i decided to give it a go. As a precaution i took off most of my gear since i was expecting to get killed a few times.

I flew in slightly to the left of the gate and basicly dropped myself off my mount into the water and started swimming towards a spot where i could stand out of sight and start fishing.

All to easy, first fish you get gives the achievement.

One achievement down :)

Next i decided i wanted to fish up Old Ironjaw in Ironforge.
Now this one was going to be a lot more difficult, since i couldn't just fly over the city and drop myself down, instead i decided to try and take the metro from Stormwind to Ironforge, i figured that was gonna be easier than just fly into Ironforge through the front door, so i started flying towards the metro entrance, carefully trying to avoid the guards, of course failing once i reached the entrance as there are two guards standing there, but i just made a run for it trying to get as far in as i could. Got killed but the corpse was far enough in to release without getting noticed.
The metro itself was no problem at all, no guards.
Ironforge on the other hand was a different story, i could fly there but every time i had to fly through narrow corridors the guards would spot me and almost one shot me, but with a couple of corpseruns i made it to the spot i would learn to hate... the Forlorn Cavern.
I pushed myself up against the wall all the way in the back, hoping to not get noticed (you are flagged for PvP), of couse that is kinda hard with a big red nametag over your head :)

Anyway i started fishing. Luckily many of the Alliance players were good sports and basicly left me alone, a few did attack and kill me, but i think they were quickly bored with it and left me alone. I decided to simply not fight them when they would attack so the realised i was only there for the fishing, afterall is it really fun to kill another player who doesn't fight back :)
One perfect example was a Dwarf, as soon as he saw me, he attacked and killed me, but as soon as i was dead i saw him pulling out his fishing rod and started to fish, now a corpserun would take me 2 minutes so i would be back quickly and he would have to make a choice to either fish or kill, so i released, started fishing and ... bummer he started attacking me again, got me down to about 100 HP, when he stopped attacking and started to fish again, so i did the same, he never attacked me again, he did walk over to me a couple of times but never attacked, so either he got bored attacking me or he realised i wasn't going away no matter how many times he killed me :)

Now the fishing itself proved to be quite a long story, it took me many hours before i finally caught Old Ironjaw, i remember i got Old Crafty in Orgrimmar pretty quick and i figured this was going to be a quick one to, but boy was i wrong. In the end i had caught close to 2000 fish, a few potions and some gear.
So you can imagine how happy i was when i finally hooked Old Ironjaw :)

Boy was i glad to hearth out of that cave...

So on to the next one, i was flying over the Wetlands when i noticed some junk in the water and since i had been checking my achievements i knew i was still on short on another achievement and lucky me.. this was the one missing :)

Another achievement in the bag :)

I noticed another achievement, The Lurker Above, now i had no idea how to get him but quickly realised this achievement could only be gotten in a 25 man lvl70 dungeon, now how was i gonna get that ??
So a little Google search led me to Els Anglin and their little guide on how to get the achievement.

I basicly followed their advice and got the achievement, no sence writing it down here when there's a great guide basicly telling the same.
The only thing that didn't work for me was taking the invisiblity potion and as soon as i was in the water take the water walking potion, cause as soon as i took the water walking potion the invisibilty potion would stop working and i would get attacked and the potion would be gone resulting in almost instant death.
Instead i tried walking down the ramps, past the mobs, who luckily didn't agro. Got to a platform close to a spot were you can see a pipe coming out of the water on the other side, i took the invi potion jumped in the water, swam across within 15 secs (the potion only lasts 15 secs), got out of the water, took the water walking potion and walked onto the water to the spot where the lurker hides and started fishing.
The first catch got me the achievement and killed :)

In the end i guess the 3 "easy" achievements make up for the Old Ironjaw achievement, i would say that that was one of the hardest or most frustrating achievements i have earned so far.

And with this i end this episode of Hauntshade's Fishing Adventures :)

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