woensdag 20 januari 2010

From space to Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth 2010-01-20 02-26-29-39

So i got home from work all excited to play some Star Trek Online, fired it up started on a quest, finished the first part of a mission chain to shoot down some patrols in different systems, went on to the second system and..... yep booted out of the server, again the server went down without any notice, so i figured screw it and went on to have some fun in Fallen Earth instead.

At first i didn't do much, just went out in a random direction and started scavenging for some time, until i came close to a quest objective, so decided to go questing instead and after finishing a few quests around Oilville i reached level 10 on my main, Cynfull.

So in the end a fun evening gaming, although not what i had planned/hoped for, but then again i allready have a lifetime sub for Star Trek Online, so i'll probably be playing it more than enough, but if they don't start getting their stuff together soon i doubt i'll be helping out much in the beta, afterall launch day is approaching fast..

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