woensdag 27 januari 2010

LOTRO: Turbine needs to kick codemasters in the ...!!

So, yeah i've been playing LOTRO again, and checking out the official websites and i have to say i am very dissapointed in codemasters.
Compare the EU website to the Turbine (US) website...., i think the EU website hasn't changed since launch (it still looks the same to me) and looking at all the extra features the US website has, i mean the US website actually has news...

I mean the US website actually has (helpfull) content and event stuff, while all the EU website says is "i am LOTRO, i am great. Buy me".

And than of course, in the US, they have the very cool "My LOTRO", which in EU is not comming, as apparently codemasters can't be bothered by actually giving something cool to their subscribers (including decent support).

So when is Turbine finally gonna kick codemasters, take over and give EU players what they deserve, i really feel like EU players are getting the short end of the stick here.

Really wish i could move my EU lifetime sub to the Turbine servers, but last time i checked this was not possible...

In the mean time i keep launching that cool looking LOTROHerald iPhone app and pushing the "myLOTRO" button in the hopes of some day looking at my character instead of only being able to see if the server is online.

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  1. Happy now? theyve taken LOTRO EU over for good ^^