dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Hellgate: London once again

Hellgate_sp_dx9_x86 2008-10-25 07-49-21-48

Personally i always enjoyed Hellgate London (according to my Xfire i played around 95 hours of it, i was even in the beta), but somehow never got a subscription for it, once i wanted to get a sub for it they actually had stopped taking new subscriptions and of course shortly after that they shut it down.
Luckily the single player part of Hellgate London was still playable.

The recent news about Hellgate London returning to the west got my curiosity going, i am definatly going to follow this game to see what's gonna happen, to see what they're gonna do with it a i am really interrested in this game.

I really enjoy the setting in this game and think it's a great franchise, really hope they're gonna do things right this time and not screw it up.

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