dinsdag 19 januari 2010

Steam for the win!

I've been using Steam for quite some time now, and have to say i am really beginning to love it more and more.
I do sometimes hate the fact that steam can be quite expensive (i have bought games on steam that i actualy could have got cheaper in a store).

Recently i went on vacation, which usually means no gaming, however this time i brought my laptop with me, with steam installed.
I actually played quite a bit of Torchlight and currently steam offers the "steam cloud" with Torchlight, which basicly means all my game data (saved game) is stored online, so when i got home and fired up Torchlight on my PC, it instantly synched with steam and got the latest saved game, so i could continue where i left the game, without having to move saved game files around.

Another thing i really enjoyed just in the last couple of days, was the fact that i installed Windows 7 on my gaming rig, which meant losing a lot of games that were installed on Windows XP, but first thing i did when i got things running was, installing steam and it showed all the games i owned and i could immediatly start installing them from steam, just f'ing awesome, no messing around with installation discs, no downloading patches, nothing. Done in no time, just wish i had more of my games on steam and i truly wish there was a way to have all your saved game files "in the cloud" as i did loose quite a few saved games..

Damn why is steam so awesome..

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