donderdag 21 januari 2010

Now, what i do like about Star Trek Online

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I have always been against forced grouping in MMO's, however i have to say the way Star Trek Online does it, i actually like.
It's no like they force you to group up, but when you enter an instance to do a mission, you're automaticly teamed up with other players doing that same mission, so if no one else is doing that mission you're still flying solo, the same thing applies for the "open encounters" where you're sometimes pulled in, if enemy ships get close to you in sector space or when you innitiate contact.

Missions do seem to get tougher if there are more players in the instance (as in more enemys spawn), but i found it a lot of fun when there are a lot of allies with you, it gives a feeling of a fleet battle and especially if you coordinate the attacks it becomes a lot easier.

And the best thing about this grouping feature is you can turn "auto grouping" off if you want to fly solo.

So i really think they did the right thing, to automaticly group you up with other players, but i f you don't want to you can turn it off.

Finally i wrote something positive about Star Trek Online :)

Now for a bit more negative, i do seem to get a lot of computer lockups (and i do mean complete computer/Windows lockup/freezing) when i set my graphics to "recommended" or high, since i have set the graphics to the one below recommended (can't remember what it said) i have no more lockups, in space it still looks pretty good, but it looks awefull with ground combat.
Personally i think it has to do with a memory leak as i had similair experience with Age of Conan, whatever it is i do hope they're gonna fix it.
Right now i am slowly turning on the graphic setting one by one in the hope of finding the culprit..

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