vrijdag 22 januari 2010

Support your game by Subscribing or quit whining.

A recent comment made by Shawn on the Massively Speaking podcast (episode 84) about the Age of Conan character deleting thing, made me think. At first i really didn't care (and i actualy still don't) i am a paying subscriber so it doesn't affect me.
So what did Shawn say: "If you care that much about your character, you should probably subscribe again".

I couldn't agree more with that, if you do care that much you should subscribe and support the game.
In the past i have played many MMO's and to be honest i wouldn't care if they delete my characters, as i don't play them anymore and it is very unlickely i will.

I think a great example was Tabula Rasa (Shawn also mentioned this on the massively podcast), how many people didn't whine about it going away, yet never played it or made comments like ooh man i really wanted to play that game, well that game could have used your support and might have actually survived if many of those people subscribed to the game, afterall all these games are there to make money not to please you by keeping your stuff around forever.

So fact, if you like a game, support it by subscribing, otherwise don't whine about it.

< /rant>

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