maandag 18 januari 2010

Has the Fallen Earth Beta spoiled us?

STO GameClient 2010-01-16 21-10-48-27

I was in the Fallen Earth beta some time ago, and what i remember from it was, the Devs/GM's where always present.
You could see them in chat making announcements, helping people with problems etc.
In short: they were "on it".

I am currently in the Star Trek Online beta and i have to say i am experiencing the complete opposite, not noticing any GM presence at all.
Last night i was playing and suddenly the server went down, no word whatsoever, ok might have been a server crash.
So i went to the forums as i wanted to know what was going on, well the were not "on it" so to speak, it took a long time before a GM actually posted that the server was down, and still the message was hard to find, as everyone was on the forums replying to older posts, so the announcment actually got burried, i eventually found it because i noticed the date at the start of the title of the post.

So yeah, i do think communication with the beta players could be a lot better, afterall they are testing your game.
If the game would be ready for launch, i might understand but from what i am experiencing, the game is far from ready to be launched.

Am i expecting too much, when i say a dev/gm should be on at all time, especially during Beta?

Does this show what kind of support they are going to give when the game goes live? I Hope not.

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