donderdag 30 juni 2011

A hunter coming home and bringing some luck


My Figureprint finally arrived today and i have to say she looks awesome !
Definatly loving it.
Sure it doesn't look as detailed (or 3d) as your character looks ingame, afterall it's a printed object, but i still thinks it looks amazing.

And the best part, just when i was posting this picture on Flickr and writing this post, Vyragosa spawned on me ingame after 5 days of camping 4-5 hours each day, sure it's not the Time-Lost Protodrake (who i am really after) but it's a start :)

The spawn point i choose for camping was right on the spot as it spawned right on top of me :)


Initially i had a little dissapointment when i noticed it wasn't the TLPD, but i also need Vyragosa for the "Frostbitten" achievement, so no worries here, it really feels great to finally have something to show for after camping this spot for days.

Hopefully the TLPD will be next pretty soon.

So today turned out to be a nice day afterall :)

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