dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Gearing up


All i have been doing for the last couple of days is running the random dungeon finder to work on getting Justice points and rep for gear.
Gearing up for the Heroic dungeons.
According to my Wowhead profile, as my gear is now the normal dungeons are easy, while the heroic dungeons are "challenging".

Well i did try a heroic and i indeed suck on DPS, when everyone is "outdps'ing" you it's not fun although we didn't whipe.
So still working on the better gear before attempting the heroics again.

I am however having a lot of fun doing these dungeons, despite the fact that the random dungeon finder only gives me 3 dungeons, so after a while you do start getting "pretty familiar" with them, really wish there were more dungeons added to the dungeon finder.

I am slowly getting there with the pre-heroic gear, i still have a few pieces of justice point gear i need and then there is the rep gear.

of course once i get done with that and am set up for the heroics, the gear grind starts again for the pre-raid gear to optimize for heroics :)

I also started using a little iphone app called "Ask Mr. Robot", which is a nice little app that you can load up your character and basicly check to see what you can do to optimize your gear with reforging and enchants (or check for better/best in slot gear).
Right now it's probably not helping me much, cause as soon as i put on a new piece of gear all recommendations change and i have to do all reforging again.
But it is definatly a fun app to play around with whenever i have a few minutes to spare.

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