zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Deathwing made me do it.

I "stood in the fire"

It was one of those achievements that i figured was just a matter of time, getting killed by Deathwing.
It just took Deathwing quite some time to finally find me, i saw many people getting the achievement pretty early on but so far i had been "lucky" to not get killed by him.

I didn't really noticed until all of a sudden there were flames everywhere and i got the achievement, i was busy questing in the Twilight Highlands, fighting a mob, i never saw (or heard) Deathwing, when suddenly flames were everywhere i was like what the hell... until the achievement popped up :)

My little Goblin sure made quite a show out of dying as seen by the screenshot above :)
I think she did the same animation she does when i use "Feign Death", which i think is hilarious.

The aftermath of Deathwing flying by

And of course only a few days later i see the results of another Deathwing fly by, while passing over Gadgetzan using a flightpath.


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