woensdag 1 juni 2011

I couldn't resist..

WoW 2011-05-31 23-08-04-82
The new "Winged Guardian" flying mount.

Just when i was about to log in to Warcraft i noticed in the launcher there was a new flying mount out and it looked pretty good so i just couldn't resist buying it.
And so did a lot of other people when i bought it as i was waiting in a queue with over 6000 people waiting in front of me.

Must have been pretty fun to see the Blizzard bank account and see that money just floating in, i think i spent about 20 mins waiting, so at least 6000 people, 20 euros mount, that at least 120000 euros in just 20 mins and than to think there's probably lots of people still buying or going to buy that mount..

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