maandag 6 juni 2011

A Hunter and Her Trusty Pet.

For the longest time now my main Hunter has been exploring together with her pet "Bones".
However i personally never really liked the wolf as a pet, just think they don't look cool. But with the wolf being the best dps pet i decided to have a wolf.

That is until i saw screenshots of Loque'nahak, a spirit beast, i said to myself i just gotta have that one.

Easier said than done, i went out to the Sholazar Basin to look for him, i think in the end i spent at least one hour flying around, one hour at one of his spawn points (this was when there were at least 7 other lvl85 hunters in the area) and just when i was about to give up i decided to make one more pass over the known locations for spawning and low and behold there he was, i felt my heart jump and was happy to see no one was around so i started taming and got him, or i should say her, as i named her "Moonfur".


I might still get out good old Bones when i am doing dungeons for the dps, but for now when i am out and about in the wolrd Moonfur does not leave her side.

On the note of camping spawns, i also decided to spend a few hours on camping out for the Time-Lost Protodrake (i need one more mount for my achievement and Albino Drake), but that was apperantly wasted time, someone got him on a spot where i had just passed not more than 30 secs ago and killed him, talking about bad luck, i had just past his spawnpoint when he spawned..
I did have a good feeling about being in this spot, but decided to give myself a bigger change by flying around...
I did spent a few hours camping and flying around to see if i could get it or any of the other rare mobs, but no luck.
Apperantly the Time-Lost Protodrake is on a 6-11 hour spawnrate so that's time wasted.
A sad sight: The corpse of the Time-Lost Protodrake on the frozen waterfall after flying past here not more than 30secs before.

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