dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Back in the old days of gaming.

I often hear (read) people say they want the good old days of gaming back, that they really want some "old school" gaming.
Well maybe i am getting too old but when i think old school gaming i am thinking about dying and losing everything having to start over.
A game having 100 levels, you manage to get to level 99, you died and had to start all over again from level 1 with nothing than what you started with at the first place.

Nah, i definitely don't want those days back, i think i am pretty happy with what gaming evolved into, i think i like the WoW generation of games.
Don't get me wrong i enjoyed those days of trial and error trying to beat a game by playing the same levels over and over until i finally managed to beat that last level, but i am also glad those days are over, i rather enjoy the casual gaming we have nowadays, of being able to just start at the beginning of the level i just died in instead of having to start the entire game from the start.

Maybe i am just older than the people making these comments and they are talking about later games, cause i can't imagine (or don't want to) what it would be like to play WoW (or any MMO) with having to start all over with nothing when you die at level 1.
It might be fun for a while but i am pretty sure many will get frustrated and quit very soon.

I do still occasionally play old school games but usually after a few hours i get tired of having to start all over again and i'll just start up something a little more casual/fun.

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