maandag 21 mei 2012

LOTRO: Trying to get back.

Coming back into LOTRO and trying to get my bearings again i can't shake the feeling of everything evolving around the cash shop and Turbine forcing you to pay real money in order for the game being more enjoyable.

I mean, just as an example, the killing deeds where you have to kill a certain number of mobs for a deed to complete. Now correct me if i am wrong but i do not remember that number of required mobs to be that high, i mean 100 to 150 mobs to finish a deed seems quite normal now.
Now of course you can speed that up by buying stuff in the cash shop (for real money) that will actually give you 2 kills for the price of one, so instead of 100 mobs now you only have to kill 50, which in turn makes the game less grindy and as a result more enjoyable.

Heck wanna do more damage, there's a potion in the shop for that too.
It feels a lot like pay to win to me..

I might get the wrong impression but that's how the game feels to me coming back into it after being away for some time and i have a lifetime sub (VIP account) so i can't imagine what the game must feel like for F2P players.

But yeah, i did buy some of that stuff to speed up my game, heck i logged into the game finding well over 13000 points in my account so i guess i am good for a while :)
Having said that, i would not buy a lifetime sub for the game as it is now, this is not the game i bought a lifetime sub for and i feel screwed  over by the cash shop shit.
I do not mind a cash shop for vanity items, but a cash shop that basicly sells you things to "fix" things that should be ingame is just plain wrong.

I think that if i would not have bought a lifetime sub i would not be playing this game today, i think the only reason i am playing it is because i feel i need to to justify buying that lifetime..

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